Kiatsu® (Ki pressing)

Kiatsu Class

Ki does not flow well in a person who is ill or injured. Kiatsu® activates and stimulates a person’s natural healing processes by restoring the flow of living energy. Ki pressing improves circulation, reduces tension, and enhances health. It also helps reduce or eliminate pain, stiffness, and swelling caused by stress or minor injury.

When a water pump is dried out, no water can flow from the well up through the pump. To start this flow again we must put some water back into the pump. In the same way, Ki does not flow strongly in a person suffering from illness or misfortune. Let us practice Kiatsu®to put Ki back into these people, stimulate their own flow of Ki, and give them a fresh start to happiness.

(from the book of Ki Sayings by Koichi Tohei Sensei)

Personal Kiatsu School:

This one time three year course will be taught by instructors of the Oregon Ki Society Personal Kiatsu® School. The school is the first in the world to offer the opportunity to learn Ki pressing techniques and Ki principles as a complete development program. Established in 1993 under the guidance of founder Koichi Tohei Sensei, it is the only authorised Personal Kiatsu® school outside of Japan.

Kiatsu® is a registered trademark of The Ki Society H.Q. Japan