Ki development

Ki DevelopmentKi development training helps us to improve the quality of our lives. By improving health and performance, Ki training helps us to be more productive and successful in our personal and professional lives and helps us to excel in a rapidly changing world.

Ki development classes teach us how to coordinate mind and body in daily life. Ki training provides skills for relaxation, calmness, concentration, personal health, and living a positive life. Through Ki training students gain more energy and enhance their understanding of Ki Principles.

Ki exercises

It is easier to coordinate mind and body when we are sitting or standing still than when in motion. Ki exercises teach us how to maintain the coordination of mind and body in movement.

Ki breathing

We utilise the Four Basic Principles in practicing Ki Breathing Methods, sending fresh oxygen to our whole body. The benefits of Ki Breathing are mental and physical relaxation, release of stress, and improving health. We can charge ourselves with the Ki of the Universe.

Ki meditation

A dynamic meditation utilising Ki Principles that improves concentration, reduces stress and develops a calm mind, enabling one to be more positive and effective in one’s daily life.

Kiatsu®: Ki pressing

By restoring the flow of living energy, Kiatsu® mobilises the body’s natural healing processes. Kiatsu improves circulation, reduces tension, and enhances one’s health.