Aikido literally means the way to union with the Ki of the Universe.

Through the study of Ki-Aikido we learn to coordinate mind and body, to work with others positively, and realise our full potential.

We learn to lead our opponents rather than colliding or fighting with them, and apply these same principles directly to dealing productively with people in daily life.

Ki Aikido

Five principles of Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido (aikido with mind and body coordinated).

1. Extend Ki

Before leading others you must first learn to control yourself by coordinating mind and body.

2. Know your opponent’s mind

Understand your opponent’s intention.

3. Respect your opponent’s Ki

Do not fight with your opponent.

4. Put yourself in the place of your opponent

Align with your opponent first then you can lead them effectively.

5. Perform with confidence

Continue to conclusion without doubt or hesitation, full of plus Ki.