Brighton Ki Society – Monthly Sessions

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The monthly weekend intensive sessions that BKS will be hosting during 2018 are as follows:-
Weapons Intensive: 2nd Saturday of the Month from 13:30pm to 17:30pm.

This Saturday intensive weapons session with Bob MacFarland, 6th Dan, Shinshin Toitsu Aikido will be providing a  comprehensive programme of weapons practice. Training with weapons helps to align body movements and teaches us how to fully extend Ki.

Movements derived from weapons training are relevant to aikido and you will gain deeper understanding of the art as a whole. Improve your aikido at all levels, and if you are preparing for the higher grade examinations these sessions are essential. This will then be followed by an optional session of Chanting from 5:00pm to 5:30pm.

Ki Intensive (Japanese yoga) 3rd Saturday 13:30am to 15:30pm this session is open to all.

The Ki intensive is a light exercise based class suitable for everyone interested in learning about Ki and achieving the optimum state of mind and body unification.

You will learn through unification of mind and body how to achieve an unshakeable state to become naturally strong and relaxed. Other tools such as, Ki Meditation, Ki Breathing, Oneness Rhythm exercises and Ki exercises for health are introduced to develop Ki and to achieve natural posture and movement for improving health and well-being.
Very simple Ki tests are conducted and you will be able to experience your Ki and prove to yourself just how powerful mind and body unification can be.

Kiatsu 3rd Saturday from 15:30pm to 17:30pm

This is a great chance to get started learning to cultivate your own healing powers so that you are able to maintain your own health. To attend the Kiatsu® Session it is mandatory to attend the Ki Intensive Session also earlier in the afternoon. Learn Ki pressing techniques and Ki principles as a complete development program for yourself and where you learn to treat family and friends it is not meant to be a professional course.

Aikido for All Session 4th Saturday from 13:30pm to 17:30pm.

Aikido Movements and techniques are taught intensively here to support the student’s development and understanding of the art of SST Aikido and is suitable for all levels. Whatever your level, join us to practice your SST Aikido also BKS members wishing to take their end of the year grading will be welcome to do so.


Further information contact: Bob – (01273) 323315